About Me

Hi! I’m Scott Pruden, and I’m the author of Immaculate Deception, a satirical, near-future thriller set among the beaches of South Carolina. In addition, I’m an accomplished freelance writer for newspapers and magazines and the owner/creative director of Write On Time LLC, which provides excellent marketing, advertising, promotions and web copy for businesses, individuals and non-profit organizations.  I’m also working on my next (as yet untitled) novel, which promises to be just as odd as this one, only in a somewhat different way.

Here’s the brief biography: I was born in Camden, S.C., and after making my way around the Palmetto State, Delaware, Arizona and southcentral Pennsylvania, now reside in West Chester, Pa., in the suburbs of Philadelphia. I’ve held lots of different jobs, many of them in the reporting and editing side of the newspaper industry, which I narrowly escaped in 2004 to become a full-time freelance writer and novelist.

I love talking about writing, publishing and generally shooting the bull with readers and other writers. Feel free to like my Facebook page or follow me on Twitter at @ScottBPruden. I also enjoy providing superior and reasonably-priced writing and editing services to all my business clients.

If you’re interested in the revolutionary form of independent publishing espoused by my publisher, Codorus Press, find out more about us at www.codoruspress.com.



2 thoughts on “About Me

  1. Brian McKinney says:

    Hi Scott,
    Really enjoyed your article about Ray. I went to see the display as a kid and always wondered who made it. Now, I take my sons every year. We take a picture with Bob and Tiny Tim; it’s like our measuring stick! Isn’t it amazing how the curmudgeons often have the most influence on some people. I too worked for a guy like Ray, rough and rude, but with a good heart. Nice article, thanks, Brian McKinney.

  2. scottbpruden says:

    Thanks, Brian. I actually added a little follow-up piece on my blog to accompany the Inquirer essay and give a little more perspective on Ray’s influence on my writing. Please check it out.

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