Here’s where you’ll find all things related to all the different hats I wear, from magazine journalist and freelance business copywriter to fiction writer and voice actor. If that sounds like a lot, you’re right! I stay pretty busy, but never too busy to talk to potential clients about how I can help them with my particular set of storytelling skills – both in print or by voice – or to engage with readers of my fiction. Feel free to poke around, click wherever you like and find out more about what I do and why I do it.



  1. Hi Scott,
    Really enjoyed your article about Ray. I went to see the display as a kid and always wondered who made it. Now, I take my sons every year. We take a picture with Bob and Tiny Tim; it’s like our measuring stick! Isn’t it amazing how the curmudgeons often have the most influence on some people. I too worked for a guy like Ray, rough and rude, but with a good heart. Nice article, thanks, Brian McKinney.

  2. Thanks, Brian. I actually added a little follow-up piece on my blog to accompany the Inquirer essay and give a little more perspective on Ray’s influence on my writing. Please check it out.

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