Write On Time LLC

Write On Time provides professional writing and editing services to businesses, non-profits and individuals. Whether you’re a business seeking more than the average marketing or promotional materials or an author who needs a full manuscript edit, Write On Time has the skills to help.

Services include:

  • Copywriting
    • Web sites (copy & SEO)
    • Blog posts
    • Executive profiles
    • Magazine-style articles
    • Case studies
    • White papers
  • Marketing and Advertising
    • Brochures
    • Print display ads
    • Outdoor advertising copy
    • E-mail campaigns
    • Direct mail campaigns
    • Audio & video commercial scripts
  • Social Media Management
    • Customized, targeted social media posts
    • Dedicated online community engagement
    • Building social media following
  • Editing
    • Copyediting
    • Line editing
    • Developmental editing
  • Project management
    • Complete website development, from idea to launch
    • Start-to-finish publication development
    • Advertising & marketing campaign development and implementation

The right words can make the difference

Great writing, whether it’s on your Web site, in a company brochure, or part of your social media marketing campaign, can often make the difference in getting new customers. Unfortunately, great writing isn’t something many people can produce. At Write On Time, we’re professionals at getting a message across clearly in long and short forms so you can focus on reaping the benefits. Write On Time’s focus for businesses and non-profits is crafting a message that reflects who you are, what you do and why you do it in a warmer, more accessible voice. We’re born storytellers, and we’d love to get the chance to tell your story to a broader audience.

You want it clean and you want it correct

editingphotoThe Write On Time team is well-versed in editing nearly any type of copy – journalistic, academic, business, fiction and non-fiction. Whether it’s copy that you’ve produced in-house at your business or an entire manuscript that you’re submitting to editors or planning to independently publish, we can help you make it better, cleaner and sharper.


Professional, high-quality writing and editing for business needs

The skills offered by Write On Time have been honed in demanding and fast-paced journalism markets, and now those skills are available to you.

We know that business writing requires a special point of view and sharp focus on your company’s needs, the demands of your customers and the services your clients seek.

And with a great team of professional photographers and Web designers at our side, we can provide one-stop shopping for all your print and electronic marketing and promotional needs.

Curious about what kind of editing you need? Here’s a handy reference guide.

Easy, honest terms that won’t bust your budget

Write On Time projects are priced out on a package basis, making it easier for you to budget without worrying about skyrocketing hourly billing. That makes it easier for you to budget without worrying about being surprised later on. And if it turns out you need more than you anticipated, we clearly outline the prices of our add-on services and additional time. Find out more about the great writing and editing services Write On Time can offer you by dropping us a line here.

Feedback from happy clients and colleagues

“Scott loves stories. You can’t manufacture that passion. His enthusiasm enables him to spot narratives others miss. His excitement fosters genuine connection with his subjects. And his energy helps him craft stories that move readers — to action, to similar passion. If you’re having trouble finding the enthusiasm in your enterprise or connecting with customers, Scott’s your guy. He’ll unearth the treasures: Stories that build your brand with passion.” – Daniel P., agency client

“[Scott] writes with flair, not flash – creative, substantive, informative, and entertaining. If you have a chance to hire his talents, run after him and acquire those skills for your great benefit.” – Marvin P., media professional

“Scott did an excellent job with copy for my direct mail client. He gave me 4 choices of copy – each better than the last! His copy is as good or better than any copywriter I’ve worked with at large advertising writingagencies. I would highly recommend Scott – hire him while you can – he is going to be very busy.”- Karen A., direct mail marketing copy client

“I’m extremely pleased with the professionalism and efficiency of Scott at Write On Time in developing the content for my website. His creativity and objective criticism delivered a perfect product and I look forward to new projects with Scott in the future.”– Mike C., copywriting client

“I’d recommend Scott to anyone seeking excellent copy skills and a blend of creativity and wit – Scott can do it all.” – Melinda A., media professional

“I can attest to Scott’s ability to deliver accurate, interesting and entertaining copy – on deadline. Scott has an engaging personality that makes his sources comfortable and encourages them to open up to him. That personality trait also applies to the writer-editor relationship, which makes working with him a pleasant, rewarding experience. He is one of the most valuable and dependable members of our corps of freelance writers.” – Bob Y., magazine editor

“[Scott] has excellent written and verbal communication skills, is extremely organized, and able to efficiently multi-task to make sure projects and/or reports are completed in a timely manner… Scott also has a deep background in writing and … has always possessed an excellent and likable rapport with the many people he has worked with for his stories. Scott would be an asset to any publishing company, communications firm or institution of higher learning.” – Johann C., media professional

“My experience working with Scott has been nothing short of exceptional! I needed some editing work to be performed at the last minute (within 2 days) on my thesis that I was working on. Scott was extremely responsive and was able to review and edit the sections that I needed within the specified timeline. He even went the extra mile to review my entire document! He had additional recommendations for me after his final review, which I really appreciated. I was then able to turn in a pristine document, which I am truly proud of. Scott’s editing work is excellent! Thanks, Scott! “ – Tabitha P., academic paper editing client

“Scott has been incredible to work with on editing veterinary medical articles. I have worked with a number of other editors and have had the most success with Scott. After he edits the articles they are reviewed by clinicians who are also authors. These doctors have enthusiastically approved his work. In addition Scott meets or beats every deadline and is pleasant to work with every time.” Pam S., copy editing client

“A meticulous editor always interested in ensuring that copy flows well and is accessible to a variety of audiences, Scott’s work is superb.” Nia M., media professional

Get in touch

We’re always happy to hear from potential clients and happy to talk about how Write On Time can help you. Give us a shout!

Write On Time LLC

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